PE Knowledge Organiser

Do you want to programme a simple and well sequenced series of declarative knowledge across your core PE provision?
Do some staff naturally cover some aspects of theory knowledge repeatedly (e.g. naming muscles or topical drugs in sport issues) but leave big gaps in other areas?
Do you want to make sure all students in all groups pick up essential knowledge in our subject?
Are there some aspects of GCSE PE theory knowledge that you would like every child to leave school with an awareness of even if they don’t pick GCSE PE as an option at key stage 4?

If so, this is the PE knowledge organiser resource for you. It can be easily adapted to include additional aspects or reorganised to suit your delivery or simply dropped on top of your existing half termly units of work (you will notice the 6 themes which equate to one per half term + 2 topics in each which corresponds to 2 PE lessons a week).

If applied skillfully, this will add consistency, rigour and quality to your practical PE delivery without taking away physical activity time or switching students off with knowledge that is not relevant to their lives.

These areas could provide great changing room or movement to teaching space conversation or form part of the plenary or even homework task for lessons but, in our opinion, should definitely not turn into PowerPoints, end of unit tests or watered down examination PE teaching for all. Remember to adapt the content list to suit the needs of students in your context and over time.

We have separated the PE Knowledge Organiser out into 6 key themes as follows:

  1. Health, Fitness & Nutrition
  2. Anatomy & Physiology
  3. Physical Training
  4. Skill Acquisition
  5. Sports Psychology
  6. Socio-cultural Influences

You will also notice the key which flags aspects that map well to either examination PE courses © or the Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) policy ®


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PE Knowledge Organiser