Post-it Plenary Idea

This plenary idea / resource aims to encourage students to feedback and reflect upon their learning during the lesson. The general idea is to ask students to reflect upon their learning within the lesson during a plenary activity where students write statements in response to the following four questions. The resource is fully editable so please feel free to amend or edit the questions.

  • Write a statement about what you have learnt or achieved in today’s lesson
  • Write down a question that you would like answered in your next lesson
  • Identify one area of your performance that you would like to improve
  • What would you like to learn next?

Students can write their responses on post-it notes (perhaps using both back and front to save paper or dividing into quarters / half) or using mini-whiteboards or even just sharing their thoughts aloud using think / pair / share. This resource will help you as a teacher create more meaningful plenary questions and help students reflect upon their learning to date and what they would like to learn next.

With thanks to @MissGordon_PE for supplying this idea / resource.


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Post-it Plenary