Plenary Ideas – Summarise and Consolidate Learning

This Plenary Ideas PowerPoint presentation give you six different plenary ideas to summarise and consolidate learning. It can be used to assist lesson plenaries or as a starter activity to recap prior learning. This resource can be used as a more creative way to approach your plenaries and reflect on what pupils have learnt in the lesson.

The plenary wheel spins and stops on one of six activities that include:

  • Give me 5
  • Hot seat
  • Lucky dip
  • Mind map
  • True or false
  • Who, What, Where, When and How

There are also some prompts at the end to help pupil reflect on what they have learnt in the lesson.


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    1. With slide three you can change the words behind the speech bubbles to prompt discussion. And with slides four and five you can use the speech bubbles to promote discussion, either selecting all students to answer one or two of the bubbles or different groups can answer different questions. Hope that helps to clarify things.

Plenary Ideas