Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Mosston & Ashworth

Imagine a framework that presents not one way to teach, but eleven. That’s what Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles offers.

This model, designed for physical education, categorises teaching styles based on the balance of decision-making between teacher and student. It ranges from teacher-directed styles like ‘Command’ (think clear instructions and drills) to student-centred styles like ‘Self-Teaching’ (where students design and lead their own learning). Mosston and Ashworth believed there’s no single ‘best’ style, but rather the right style depends on the learning goals and student needs.

This spectrum empowers educators to choose the approach that unlocks the most potential in their students, making it a valuable tool for any learning environment.

Here at PE Scholar, we have created a convenient downloadable poster of the Spectrum to help you plan and deliver varied and engaging lessons that support the holistic development of your students.

Want to know more about teaching styles?

Keep a look out for our summer series of resources on PEdagogical Models and Techniques


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