Basketball Coaching – Shooting Layup


This exercise is great for developing player’s layups with both hands.


Groups of 8 players are positioned in 2 lines as illustrated. Player 1 passes to the coach and makes an angled run from the right channel towards the basket. The coach receives the pass and makes a return pass to player 1 who dribbles before making a layup. Player 1 collects the ball and dribbles to the back of the opposite line of players. Player 2 now passes to the coach and repeats the exercise from the other side of the court. The exercise continues in this manner for a set time or number of repetitions.


Layup: Take the ball in the air in two hands at the end of the dribble; look up at the target; when shooting with the right hand, ground the right foot; jump from the left foot towards the basket; take the ball up in front of the body; shooting hand (right) behind the ball; release the ball with the shooting arm and hand at full stretch; lay the ball softly against the backboard using the corner of the smaller square as a target. (As ability develops use non-dominant hand i.e. when completing layup from left, left hand is used, and vice-versa).


To decrease the difficulty: Reduce distance from basket; decrease height of basket; use larger or lighter balls; allow ‘travelling’; start with ‘1-step’. To increase the difficulty: Increase distance from basket; increase height of basket; use smaller balls to improve hand/eye co-ordination; add dribble prior to shot; add a defender; put skill in conditioned exercise.

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