Brand New CENTURY Subject: Theory PE and Sport

CENTURY have just released the first of two brand new subjects that are available for learners on our AI-powered platform: Theory PE and Sport. The AQA GCSE PE course specification is already available, with other exam boards such as OCR and Edexcel coming soon. Although we have started with AQA, a lot of the content is transferable to other GCSE and vocational specifications, such as BTECs and City and Guilds Diplomas, with more content being added regularly. The other new subject we are introducing is Geography.

This marks a significant step for CENTURY as this is the first time we have released new GCSE subjects for school students outside of our award-winning core English, maths and science courses. These courses have the same exceptional standards and quality control as our core content, broken down into easy to digest nuggets (micro-lessons). 

Just as in our other subjects, each nugget includes a short explainer video that learners can work through at their own pace, and a set of slides summarising the topic that learners can refer back to as they need. Each nugget ends with a series of formative assessment questions, written and checked by our quality control team. These nuggets also contain a wide variety of diagrams and images created by our in-house design team to help students visualise key concepts.

This content has been designed by a team of teachers and curriculum experts led by Louise Hacking, an experienced former Head of PE. With over 12 years experience teaching in the classroom, Louise is acutely aware of the challenges facing PE teachers, and has designed our resources to meet these needs.

Our nuggets provide specific and high-quality Theory PE content, saving teachers time in creating their own resources 

We recognise there is a lack of specific and high-quality Theory PE content available currently. Using several different examples across a range of sports allows students to gain a wider understanding of how to apply the theory knowledge to these situations. Examination-style questions are incorporated where possible. Skills such as labelling diagrams, applying knowledge to practical examples and analysing data are all incorporated into the assessments.

Our content always includes practical examples to support students in building exam skills and aiding revision

Students can revisit learning from practical lessons with nuggets that take them step by step through protocols and examples. For example, to go alongside the practical teaching of fitness tests, our nuggets reinforce the theory, breaking down different types of fitness tests, all of which are identified on the exam specification. Our nuggets also include a range of practical examples from football, tennis and netball, to sports that may be less familiar to some learners such as lacrosse, curling or polo.

Brand new ‘Recall and Review’ nuggets ensure all aspects of the course are covered in sufficient depth

This course contains a brand new type of nugget designed for the specific needs of the PE course: our Recall and Review nuggets make it easy to check specific AO1 subject knowledge. These are especially useful in areas where students may be unfamiliar with concepts or nomenclature, such as the names of specific bones or muscles in the body that they may not have come across before. These allow teachers to spot misconceptions in subject knowledge and intervene immediately.

Our AI identifies gaps in students’ learning from KS3 science and maths and recommends cross-curricular interventions

CENTURY nuggets are cross-referenced with other subjects – PE nuggets are cross-curricular with science and maths – to ensure consistent language and explanations of key concepts across the platform, with the content created by subject experts. For example, a learner who has struggled with applying knowledge of gaseous exchange would be automatically recommended descriptive nuggets on the mechanics of breathing and the structure of the respiratory system from our biology courses. Additionally, CENTURY’s specialist maths teachers have designed bespoke nuggets relevant to PE on the use of data. If a student finds these challenging, the AI may recommend more comprehensive maths nuggets on graphs from previous maths courses.

Find out more about how CENTURY’s Theory PE and Sport course can support your students here. Book a demo here.

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