Leading Secondary PE

On Monday 20th June we hosted a great conversation with a panel of experienced Secondary PE leaders who generously shared their stories and top tips on ‘getting to grips with being a secondary Head of PE’.

During the session we provided time for aspirant, newly appointed and more experienced Heads of PE to connect and discuss in breakout rooms. The following recording covers 3 main areas:

  1. Top tips for anyone considering or newly apponted as PE lead
  2. Must do aspects of the job that aren’t always in the job description
  3. Ideas on leading change to help influence up (SLT) and within (PE team)

Watch the recording here:

Massive thank you to all who tuned in to join us live and to our panel who are happy if you want to follow up with them via their social media links below:

Meanwhile, 6 tips we did not have time to share on the night are captued in the below images:

Seek out people who don’t look at the world or believe the same things as you do and listen to understand, perhaps they had a bad experience of PE that they cannot shake!
A good idea launched at the wrong time (e.g. end of long half term or when other pressures are mounting) is likely to be a wasted idea.
Rather than looking for that eureka moment or big thing that will make a huge difference, look to ‘stack’ lots of little tweaks that drive culture change and get you closer to your ambitions.
Being in charge does not mean you are expected to know everything, be willing to ask for help and hold your hands up when you are wrong.
In Matthew Syed’s book ‘Rebel Ideas’ he shares that often the best ideas come from a different culture, industry or perspective because we are often trapped in our narrow view of the world.

Is PE seen as a marmite subject in your school? Do some students (and their parents) love it whilst others hate it? Perhaps covid-19 has provided an opportunity for a reset to enable us to do and think about physical education differently?

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