Netball Endball Game


This is an outstanding game for introducing team play in a game scenario.


Groups of 14 players are organised in 2 teams as illustrated. The game starts in the centre with a toss-up between two opposing players (red & blue 4 shown). Players must make at least three passes before passing to their ‘end’ player (red & blue 7 shown) who positions to receive. Normal netball rules apply. In addition, if the ‘end’ player drops the pass, a throw in is taken by an opposing player from the side-line. The end player is replaced after a score is made and the game is recommenced with a centre toss-up. The game is played for a set time and the team with the highest score wins.


Move to create space on court for safe passing channels; communicate; keep head up to ensure good vision; pass strongly and directly; passes should be caught with two hands.


Increase difficulty: Player at end has to score a goal; a set number of passes has to be made before the end player can receive ball; set a time limit; use smaller ball e.g. tennis ball to improve hand and eye coordination. Decrease difficulty: Have more attackers than defenders; team don’t compete for ball at beginning and just start with it.

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