Ofqual Grading Advice on GCSE and A Levels 2020


New Ofqual grading advice following consultation decisions

Consultation decisions on who should receive a calculated grade for GCSEs, AS and A levels were published on the 5th of May 2020.

The consultation on the exceptional arrangements for awarding GCSEs, AS and A levels this summer closed on 29 April. Ofqual received over 12,500 responses from teachers, teacher representative groups and unions, university and higher education institutions, parents, carers and students.

More updates and information will be released shortly but for now Ofqual have prioritised their analysis and decisions on 2 proposals about who should receive a calculated grade.

Calculated grades for students in year 10 and below

Ofqual have decided that students entered for exams in year 10 and below will be eligible to receive calculated grades this summer. This follows the majority of responses received, which indicate that the progression of some students would be disrupted if they were not awarded a grade this summer, and to exclude them would have an unfair impact. Amongst the responses we received were concerns about the potential impact of excluding early entrants on disabled students or those with special educational needs, who might wish to spread their GCSE exams over different years.

For more information and to read the reports in full please click the links above.

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