Past Olympians Series – Olivia Weedon: International Friendship


With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games being postponed to 2021, we thought we could talk about some previous Olympians and how they embody certain Olympic values. This final post, features Olivia Weedon and how she has developed strong international friendships through her sport.

Olivia Weedon

Sport: Short track speed skating

Hometown: Twickenham, England

Olivia Weedon was one of two British athletes to bring home medals at the 2020 Youth Olympics this year, where she took bronze in the short track speed skating mixed country relay. Besides securing her first Olympic medal, Weedon also managed two personal bests during her highly successful debut appearance.

Competing for the first time amongst Olympic-level athletes, Weedon was Britain’s only female speed skater at this year’s Youth games. She qualified for the team relay event in 16th place and joined Ethan De Rose of New Zealand, Thomas Nadalini of Italy and Seo Whi Min from South Korea in Team A.

Weedon and her team proved to be fierce competitors and were in a strong position throughout much of the race. Team B took first place, leaving Team A neck and neck with Team G in the final lap. Team G pulled ahead in the final moments of the race, leaving Weedon and her team with a third-place victory.

How a strong sense of friendship among international athletes led to Olympic success

Weedon was elated by the experience, saying “I didn’t expect to come in here and do this at all. I thought that I’d come in, I’d skate well, but I didn’t imagine any of this would happen.’’

Weedon also spoke of her admiration for her fellow competitors, and how amazing it felt to skate among these elite athletes. She skated in the mixed team, competing among elite athletes of different genders from all around the world and forming international friendships in the process. Weedon and her teammates quickly formed a winning bond out on the ice, exemplifying the Olympic values of respect, equality and friendship.As one of Britain’s most promising young speed skaters, Weedon is definitely one to look for at future Olympic events!

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