PE insights Episode 5: Megan Lockett – Knowing your why and involving the community


Megan Locket, a passionate Physical Education (PE) teacher based in Bangkok shares her insights into curriculum development, the power of networking, and the profound impact of embracing a holistic approach to PE.

Megan’s Professional Journey

Megan’s journey began at Sheffield Hallam University, where she honed her skills in models-based practice and teaching games for understanding. Her passion for education led her to Malaysia for a master’s programme, exposing her to the International Baccalaureate curriculum and the challenges of teaching in a multicultural setting. Bangkok became the next stop, providing fresh opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The Significance of Networking

Megan highlights the transformative power of networking, citing her positive experiences at conferences like APPEC. She emphasises the value of connecting with inspirational individuals, shaping her pedagogy and influencing her journey. Megan’s story underscores the importance of collaboration within the PE community for continuous learning and growth.

The Essence of Physical Education

When asked about the importance of PE, Megan delves into the deeper dimensions beyond the physical aspects. Drawing from Richard Bailey’s domains of PE—physical, cognitive, social, and affective—she highlights the holistic nature of PE. Megan shares personal experiences, demonstrating how PE extends beyond the physical realm, contributing to cognitive development, social skills, and even creativity.

Curriculum Evolution and Student Engagement

A pivotal aspect of Megan’s teaching philosophy is the evolution of curriculum, connecting events to learning goals, promoting active living, and fostering student-led initiatives. She discusses the importance of clarity in communication, emphasising the “why” of PE to students and parents. Megan showcases innovative approaches, such as modifying traditional sports events and incorporating student-led roles, to maximise engagement and movement time.

Promoting Diversity in PE

Reflecting on her experiences in an all-girls school, Megan discusses the positive impact of having a diverse group of teachers and role models in PE. She emphasises the need for representation, recognising the influence it can have on students’ perceptions and engagement in physical activities.

Sharing Knowledge and Advocacy

Megan expresses her commitment to sharing knowledge within the PE community, outlining her participation in conferences and her recent article on reshaping the vision of physical education. She advocates for creativity, models-based practice, and a focus on language to redefine the boundaries of PE and sport.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Megan plans to delve into a research study, aiming to contribute to the professional discourse in PE education. Her commitment to advocacy, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing remains unwavering, as she aspires to be a catalyst for positive change within the PE community.


Megan Locket’s journey through the landscape of physical education serves as an inspiring narrative for educators seeking to navigate the complexities of PE. Her emphasis on networking, curriculum evolution, and the holistic nature of PE reinforces the importance of continuous reflection, collaboration, and a student-centred approach. As Megan continues to advocate for diversity and share her wealth of knowledge, her impact on the PE community is poised to be both transformative and enduring.

About the Guest

Today’s guest is Megan Lockett. Megan is a PE Teacher, currently teaching at NIST in Bangkok, Thailand. She has previously studied and taught in Malaysia. Megan is working towards an EdD and she is passionate about curriculum development, school contexts, and meeting the needs of all learners. I hope you enjoy the episode!

You can connect with Megan directly via X at @LockettMeg

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