PE Scholar 2021: All Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up

Thank you!

First and foremost, a massive thank you to our PE Scholar members, course participants, customers and network. We have really enjoyed working with you over the year – listening, learning and supporting you to be more effective in your schools and local community. Helping you reach more young people with relevant, meaningful and Positive Experiences through PE. We look forward to continuing to work with you and creating new collaborations next year and beyond. We will do all we can to help you to thrive in your contexts and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

What a Year!

Just in case you missed it, we’ve outlined our top 5 highlights during 2021:

1) PE Concept Curriculum

Lee Sullivan, Craig Bartlett and Lauren Williams created and piloted the PE Concept Curriculum in their schools before launching it to an incredible response. Their dedication, time commitment and passion has been evident in the quality of the curriculum and their commitment in supporting other teachers embed this approach within their schools. The concept curriculum has now been shared with over 100 schools, with fantastic testimonials coming back.

“We had been exploring a concept-based model for our curriculum for a while, but had been struggling to express in a curriculum what our hearts were telling us. The new Concept Curriculum by Lee Sullivan has changed everything in our department. Although our students took part in lessons, they were not meeting our intent. We were a school that had not adapted it’s teaching to match our pupils needs. The first barrier was the teachers – the curriculum went against everything we had been taught and were used to. Nearly a term down the line and the concept curriculum is in place. Staff are reinvigorated because we are teaching to our ‘why’. Students are engaged because the learning is relevant to all.” D. Hyslop, Huntcliffe School

If you missed this and want to find out more, please click this link.

2) Is PE in Crisis: Leading a Much Needed Change in Physical Education

Is Physical Education in Crisis?: Leading a Much-Needed Change in Physical Education

If Lee wasn’t busy enough with the Concept Curriculum, he also found the time to create and publish his book. “Is PE In Crisis? Learning a Much Needed Change in Physical Education“. This has been so well received (even hitting the Amazon top seller charts) and has highlighted just how many PE teachers are striving to make PE more meaningful, inclusive, engaging, relevant and impactful for pupils.

“This is a must read for all PE practitioners. It offers a fresh and innovative look at the way PE is delivered in schools and comes at a time when student well-being is high on the agenda. We can’t wait to implement some of the ideas we have taken from it.” – James Snutch, Iveshead School.

This book as been a real catalyst in opening up conversations around what the future of PE might look like and how we might begin to lead the change. If you haven’t got a copy, grab one here.

As a result of both of these outstanding contributions, Lee has now also joined the PE Scholar team where he will be able to continue to support a range of schools and create new content to further support the profession. Welcome to the team Lee.

3) Awesome PE in 5 Ways

Awesome PE in 5 wAysWill has also been really busy this year, creating outstanding courses designed to help teachers reflect, understand their context and create meaningful PE offers that are both innovative, engaging and impactful. Our “Awesome PE in 5 wAys” has been undertaken by over 85 teachers from a broad range of primary, secondary, special, independent and international school contexts.

The course brings ideas from research and practice to life through a rich variety of video clips, blog articles, low stakes quizzes and tasks. It is perfect for primary school PE subject leaders or secondary PE practitioners who want to ‘tweak to transform’ their offer via a high impact but short course. To find out more, please click here.

4) Physical Education Curriculum Design Programme

Not only did Will create the Awesome PE in 5 wAys course, he also lead the creation and delivery of the larger more in-depth “Physical Education Curriculum Design” Programme. Over 150 teachers are in process of completing this course. The engagement, feedback and testimonials have been incredible. This extended programme of engagement with colleagues has led to great conversations, collaboration and the establishment of rich networks. 

“Definitely one of the best CPD courses if not the best CPD course I have ever completed in my 18 years in the profession. Your course has provided me with a great opportunity to reflect on what we currently do here at Stowupland High School and as a result we are making some really positive changes to our curriculum and provision within PE.” – S. Broom

As a result of the teams amazing hard work and Will’s direction, we have also been awarded AfPE Professional Development Approved Provider Status and colleagues at the Youth Sport Trust have also recognised the quality of our professional development courses. Thank you Will for all your work this year.

5) Conference Presentations, Podcasts and Webinars

In amongst all of this we have been able to present at a range of conferences, thank you for inviting us:

  • Active Notts
  • Sheffield PE Conference
  • Fortius PE Conference
  • afPE PE Conference
  • West Kent PE Conference

We’ve also featured on Podcasts, again thank you for the opportunity and ongoing conversations Dan:

Finally, Liz was a key advisor for the House of Lords Sports and Recreation Committee which led to the creation of “A national plan for sport, health and wellbeing – Report“. To view the full report please click here.

Looking Forward to 2022!

We have some REALLY exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022, and are looking forward to working with as many educators as possible. So if you have an idea, problem or just want to be part of the movement please contact us.

Watch this space!

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