Special School or SEND focused PE

Leading PE in a SEND setting

On Monday 7th October 2022 we hosted a great conversation led by Simon Roadley, Head of PE at Dorothy Goodman School in Leicestershire. The focus was on creating a PE curriculum for a special school or SEND setting.

During the session we provided time for participants to:

  1. Understand the Context at DGS
  2. Unpick the ‘trunks of learning’ at DGS
  3. Explore the curriculum intent, implementation and impact at DGS
  4. Use breakout rooms to discuss and reflect on what they have heard before asking questions, providing feedback and sharing their own thoughts.

Inclusive education allows students of all backgrounds to learn and grow side by side, to the benefit of all.


As teachers and practitioners we all strive for an inclusive PE and School Sport Offer and giving opportunities for engagement and high aspirations for all of the young people we work with should at the heart of what we do when designing a curriculum. At Dorothy Goodman School (DGS), we launched a new concept-style curriculum in September to help us in that process, making sure that all of our students are accessing meaningful PE that is aimed at developing the whole student. We are an SEND setting for over 380 young people aged 3-19, with a wide variety of disabilities and impairments. This webinar explores how this new approach to PE is meeting the wide range of needs that we provide for and hopefully looks at ways this can be helpful in other setting, including SEND students in mainstream.

Watch the recording here:

For any further interactions about SEND or Inclusive PE, please contact Simon via one of the following:
Twitter @SRoadleySEND_PE
LinkedIn Simon Roadley
WordPress https://sendpe.wordpress.com/

Thank you to those who contributed to the development of this PE offer and the wider curriculum across DGS:
• Joshua Hookings @joshuahookings1 Secondary PE trained teacher at Dorothy Goodman School
• Danielle Beacall @DBeacallSEN EYFS trained, Expert Practitioner at Dorothy Goodman and Visiting Fellow for ECTs at Ambition Institute
• Mark Wilson @MarkWilsonSEN Expert Practitioner at Dorothy Goodman, Visiting Fellow for ECTs at Ambition Institute and Lead for Engagement and Interaction for Open Thinking Partnership

In the session we discussed the potential of setting up an assessment in PE in a special school working party to collaborative build a solution. If you are interested in this please email will@pescholar.com

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