Supporting trans and non-binary students in PE

This blog post captures a few highlights, reflective questions and a place for you to access the recorded session with Dr Adam Brett on 9th December 2021. If you don’t already, please follow him on Twitter and feel free to connect for follow up discussion there or post a comment below.

Watch the session replay here:


Adam shared 3 priorities:

  1. Understand and adopt a common language
  2. Show empathy
  3. Adapt curriculum and systems to be more inclusive and considered

The ‘genderbread person‘ felt like an incredibly useful tool to support conversations with students. It is clear this agenda needs willingness to discuss openly and in fact you will probably find your young people are far more ready for the conversation than many staff. Remember, we are all human and make mistakes. So, if you think you have said something wrong then say sorry and move on rather than dwelling on assumptions or inaccurate use of pronouns etc … a much bigger mistake would be lacking the confidence to have the conversation at all.

Reflective Questions:

  1. What tiny habits could you adopt that would make trans or non binary students feel more safe and accepted? Simple things like sharing your pronoun, avoiding gendered language, wearing rainbow laces or a badge on lanyard can make a huge difference
  2. Are your changing facilities fit for purpose or could you make some simple changes to be more inclusive? Even just numbered changing rooms and changing the badge on disabled toilets is a step forward for now
  3. Is your PE curriculum gendered and how could you move beyond this? When did you last ask students how they like to be grouped for PE or what activities they want to engage with as part of their offer?

Access the slides shared here –  Supporting non binary with Dr Adam Brett 9th Dec 2021

Access more great resources direct from Adam’s DropBox here (please note that PE Scholar takes no responsibility for the quality, copyright permissions or access to these materials).

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