The Boing PlayUp Club

Boing PlayUp Club

What is Boing Kids?

Boing Kids supports children (5-12 yrs) develop their physical literacy through active play. We work with coaches, activity and community leaders and families to get our purposefully designed games into the hands of children everywhere.

We have over 70 partners nationwide, and are Sport England funded. Find out more: See our impact and reach so far:

What is the Boing PlayUp Club?

The Boing PlayUp Club is our campaign for the summer holidays. It is focused on encouraging families to:

  1. Play new and different games together
  2. Create their own games together
  3. Learn about the six magic ingredients of great play

It will consist of:

  • Six new free to access games (each game will have an explainer video and a webpage). Each game has multiple levels and ideas on how to play again and differently. All games are designed to be played by any number of people, in any space and with no special equipment. (there will be three games launched for the start of the summer holidays and three games launched mid way through August).
  • A PlayUp Guide for parents/guardians on how to support great active play.
  • Different ways to be part of the club (eg: players submitting their video footage to us for us to share their versions of the games with the rest of our social media following / an option to download a PlayUp Club social media badge / potential to receive video messages from Rusty – leader of the Play Up club to the player of the week!).

Find out more here:

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