Thriving as an ECT in PE

On Monday 4th July 2022 we hosted a great conversation with a panel of ‘Early Career Teachers’ (ECTs) and experienced mentors who generously shared their stories and top tips on moving from Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to ECT.

During the session we provided time for participants to:

  1. Connect with other physical educators making the transition from ITE to ECT
  2. Consider some top tips and likely challenges facing ECTs in PE
  3. Question our panel of ECTs and mentors

Watch the recording here:

Massive thanks you to all who tuned in to join us live and to our panel which consisted of:

  • Amy Winter
  • Rachel Banfield
  • Ahmed Shabban
  • Alec Masson
  • Amber Parslow
  • Wes Henry

Our key takeaways were:

  • Keep a record of all the tasks you complete and projects you are involved with to inform your ECT documentation and to keep track of all the work you are doing and the progress you are making.
  • Make sure your mentor is the voice of reason, ensure they have an eye on your workload and wellbeing and ensure they protect you from taking on too much.
  • Success over your ECT year is as simple as you becoming more embedded, comfortable, confident and competent in your teaching.
  • Take on projects and get involved with extra curricular and projects across the school.
  • Build relationships with pupils, your department and wider school staff.
  • Keep observing and learning from others and keep asking questions if you are unsure.
  • Put your ideas forwards, you have fresh and contemporary ideas which can make a real difference in your departments.
  • Manage your workload, ensure you keep on top of it and plan for any pinch points, also manage up and be proactive in communicating with your mentor and/or head of department.
  • Network and build a support system from other teachers via social media or locally.
  • Invest in your own wellbeing, if you are in a good place then you will be able to make a bigger difference to others.

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