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Wallball is a game we all know and love, played in playgrounds for years! You can get started within 30 seconds! It teaches players to use both hands which will improve hand-eye coordination and balance, but more importantly have fun! London is leading the way with Westway Sports centre having over 10 courts both indoor and out. Wallball is being played all over London and is growing fast! We want to introduce it into every school and have Wallball being played everyday. New York City has 2,500 courts alone, why can’t we? UK Wallball host a yearly Open, and our latest Open (Feb 2019) saw over a 120 competitors from across 10 countries play and compete at the highest European level. We also hosted a schools event just after which saw over 200 students play over 2 days, and we have had thousands playing across multiple sites and schools over the years.


  1. Introduce Wallball into every school in London and the UK.
  2. Run Wallball competitions every 3 months
  3. Find a Junior Team GB to compete on a European level!
  4. Place our work and our team at the heart of a world Wallball Association 2028 Olympic sports demo bid.


Wallball can be played anywhere. Any ball, Any wall, Any time! All you need is a ball and a wall! As well as playing the regulation game, we like to get creative and have played on some crazy surfaces and small spaces! We can use chalk to create and design our own courts, or simply tape up an area! The latest idea is Glow in the Dark Wallball – Glowball!

How to get involved

All this sounds awesome right? So the next steps to get involved are simple! Have a look through our social media @ukwallball to see the latest photos, videos and updates! Or visit our web page – w​ If nothing there quite fits, then we have other options:

  1. Come to our leading Hub – Westway Sports & Fitness centre. Here we can run sessions and clubs!
  2. Get us in to your school! UK Wallball have a team of extremely enthusiastic and passionate coaches that can run; P.E Lessons, Lunch time clubs and After School Clubs!

Dan Thackeray – UK Wallball

Wallball Resources

For more information and to view some sample Wallball teaching resources please click here.

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