YST Covid-19 Special Podcast Series


The YST have engaged in a wide variety of discussions with a range of experts to discuss the impact of Covid-19 and the future of education, PE and Sport in their Covid-19 Special Podcast Series.

Episode 14: Covid-19 Special Podcast: The Future of PE and Sport

In this special episode, guest hosted by former ITV and Channel Four news presenter Keith Daniell, the YST host a roundtable discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on PE and sport. Ali Oliver, Lisa Fathers and Liz Durden-Myers discuss the possible scenarios for children’s physical development, literacy and overall wellbeing.

Episode 15: Covid-19 Special Podcast: The Future of PE and Sport

In this two-part edition, host Keith Daniell and Youth Sport Trust CEO Ali Oliver are first joined by headteacher Kathryn Harper-Quinn, practicing GP Dr William Bird, as well as ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton.

In part-two (starting at 42:30), Keith and Ali welcome Matt Bowler, a school PE Director, along with Jess Byrne, who offers a unique insight into the world of PE at her school in Suzhou, China, where many young people have already begun to return to lessons.

You can listen to this podcast online here. The YST are also offering a range of free to download home resources available on their website.

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