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  • A-Z of Behaviour Management Strategies – The Play Book

    A list of effective behaviour management strategies, plays, tips and tactics to support behaviour management within the classroom and outside it. Designed for new teachers…

  • What is an outstanding PE lesson? 2.0 10 Years On

     Delivering outstanding PE lessons In 2013 I first wrote this blog for PE Scholar outlining what I believed to be basic principles on how to…

  • Subject Leadership of Physical Education

    A set of guiding principles for effective line management ‘The most powerful leadership tool we all have is our own example” John Wooden During my…

  • What is an outstanding PE lesson?

    This blog post looks to uncover what actual “outstanding” PE lessons look like, looking beyond the list of teacher jargon and buzzwords that we are often told constitutes an outstanding lesson, focussing on what outstanding PE is in practice, and how physical educators may go about becoming outstanding practitioners.

  • PE Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

    In our latest guest blog, Phil Cocks shares some of his own advice and guidance on getting that all important Physical Education job. With over 7 years experience and being involved in 11 recruiting processes, this post will hopefully serve as a starting point to help people avoid making the same mistakes seen time and time again.