AQA Glossary of Key Terms – GCSE PE

This resource provides subject specific vocabulary and definitions of key terms used in the AQA GCSE Physical Education specification (8582). Students should be familiar with, and gain understanding of, these terms. The resource provides 26 pages of the A-Z of GCSE PE key terms. It is an ideal resource for lesson starter, plenary, home learning and revision activities. A couple of terms and definitions are exemplified below:


Inherited, stable traits that determine an individual’s potential to learn or acquire a skill.


The potential to change with ease.


Natural hormone released to speed heart rate up.


With oxygen. When exercise is not too fast and is steady, the heart can supply all the oxygen that the working muscles need.

Summarised as: glucose + oxygen → energy + carbon dioxide + water.

Aerobic training zone

The aerobic training zone allows the aerobic system to be trained. To define aerobic training zone:

  1. Calculate maximum heart rate(220bpm) minus age: 220-age
  2. Work at 60-80% of maximum heart rate.

A deliberate intent to harm or injure another person, which can be physical or mental (see direct and indirect aggression).


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AQA Glossary of Key Terms