Daily Challenge Cards – Home Learning – PE & Maths (#6-10)

As part of our Daily Challenge home learning series, these resources have been specifically created to help keep your mind and body active using quick and fun challenges that combine physical education and maths!

All of the daily challenge cards are suitable for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 learners (ages 6 to 12), and help to develop or reinforce numeracy skills while being linked to physical activity. The daily challenges have been provided in both Microsoft Powerpoint and PDF formats, allowing you to edit them to suit the needs of your class.

In this set of challenge cards, we cover:

  • Speed calculations
  • Word problem sums (using mental arithmetic and general knowledge)
  • Using gained knowledge to estimate activities within 60 seconds
  • Solving fractions of whole numbers
  • Using calculations to better understand number facts

As always, we would very much welcome your feedback on our this new Daily Challenge series, so please feel free to comment below!



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