GCSE PE Coursework Teacher Feedback Sheet

Proving feedback to every student on their coursework can be a lengthy and time consuming process. This useful GCSE PE coursework teacher feedback sheet enables teachers to tick off the sections the student has completed, whilst highlighting to the student areas they have missed. This ensures a more efficient marking process and provides useful feedback for students. This resource was created for the AQA specification.


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  1. I like the look of this resource but have a couple of queries relating to the checklist which I am a little concerned about
    1. since when has the fitness evaluation section had to have SMART targets for a 6 week plan, yes it can be included but not compulsory?
    2. When has it changed from 2 to 3 personal examples of weaknesses and strengths?
    3. When has it changed to having to include 3 relevant theories for evaluation/improvement of skill weakness rather than one?

    1. Hi Richard,
      My team put together the resource. We actually created it during lockdown and wanted to consolidate and embed some additional theory through the coursework, hence why we asked for slightly more than is needed. Also, a weakness for our students is often the AO2 application of content to sport, so we asked them to consider more personal examples. The resource is fully editable so feel free to amend as you wish.