GCSE Revision Maps

Published: 14th August 2019

These revision maps are a great revision tool for students taking GCSE physical education. They are fully editable and customisable so you or your students can add to or amend the content. They can also … Read More

Badminton Sequence Cards

Published: 7th August 2019

These Badminton sequence cards are ideal for use within physical education lessons or extra curricular clubs to encourage students to play and return a range of shots. They can be used as a resource card … Read More

Synchronised Swimming Resources

Published: 31st July 2019

Here are a number of synchronised swimming resource cards that can be used within swimming curriculum time or extra-curricular clubs.

PEA – Point, Explain, Analyse

Published: 17th July 2019

Resource card to develop students knowledge and understanding using PEA (Point, Explain and Analyse).

Dodgeball Variations

Published: 3rd July 2019

A range of Dodgeball Variations that can be used to encourage cognitive skills to overcome problems and create/devise game tactics and strategies.

Tennis Booklet – Key Stage 3/4

Published: 19th June 2019

A Tennis Booklet which contains a numbers of different conditioned games, designed to develop the main skill areas. These games are useful if you want to develop both skills and application of skill with a … Read More

GCSE PE Revision Sheets

Published: 10th June 2019

Revision broadsheets that can be enlarged to A3 Size for students to complete as revision.

Flexibility Resource Card

Published: 5th June 2019

This resource card outlines what flexibility is. It also encourages students to think about: Is your flexibility better before or after warming up? Why is flexibility an important component of fitness? What sports require a … Read More