Time to RISE Up: Supporting Students’ Mental Health in Schools [Paperback]


Are you ready to transform your approach to education and student wellbeing?

‘Time to RISE Up’ offers a transformative guide to prioritising student mental health and wellbeing alongside academic success, arranged over four powerful chapters; Identifying the Problem, Crafting Early Intervention Mental Wellbeing Programmes, The Power of Trauma Informed Practice, and Moving Forward Together.

Behind every statistic lies a young person, a family, friends, and a school community impacted by the mental illness crisis gripping our youth. More than just a book, ‘Time to RISE Up’ is a rallying cry for educators, parents, and policy makers to reshape our educational landscape, placing the wellbeing of all our young people at the forefront of education.

Educators will gain a deeper understanding of the critical importance of prioritising student mental health and practical strategies for fostering holistic student development. This book is essential reading for anyone dedicated to nurturing the next generation.

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