Key Stage 2 Schemes of Work


This Key Stage 2 package of carefully designed schemes of learning includes a range of activity areas and are in line with the LATEST curriculum developments.

The schemes of learning are split into 6 key concepts and processes; outwitting opponents, developing physical and mental capacity, developing skills/performance, decision making and problem solving, personal development and evaluating and improving.

What’s new?

  • A focus on Intent, Implementation and Impact for each scheme of learning
  • Knowledge and Skills to be taught are made explicit with sequencing evident throughout
  • Personal development opportunities are now mapped


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All schemes of learning are provided in Microsoft Word format and are fully editable. A full list of the schemes of learning included are listed below:

  • Year 3 – Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Rounders and Striking and Fielding.
  • Year 4 – Athletics, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Invasion Games and Striking and Fielding.
  • Year 5 – Athletics, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Invasion Games and Striking and Fielding, Tag Rugby, Tennis
  • Year 6 – Athletics, Cricket, Dance, Football, Gymnastics, Netball, Rounders, Tag Rugby

Sample Content

All resource content is fully editable to suit individual departments.

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