Calling all Scottish PE Teachers – Have you heard of SATPE?

The Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education (SATPE) was initially established in January 2013. The association combines primary and secondary sectors to facilitate the delivery of high quality, structured and progressive Physical Education.

Members pay just £10 per year, getting full access to our website, resources, conference, partnership offers, CLPL opportunities etc. We also welcome your contributions to a host of impactful working groups; SATPE Dance, SATPE Primary, SATPE Disability-Inclusion and SATPE LGBT.

Here are some highlights from their last conference:

Judy Murray Foundation

Please watch the presentation from JMF for the SATPE conference.

An Introduction to Better Movers & Thinkers

Please watch the presentation from Dr Andrew Dalziell for the SATPE conference.

TGFU Zoom Presentation

Please watch the presentation from Chris Crookston for the SATPE conference.

Technical Steps & Exercises based on requirements from SQA

By Lisa Johnston

Demonstrations of Technical Steps (Jazz and Contemporary). This resource is excellent for teachers who are new to the subject. Listening to their feedback, there was frustration regarding unreliable resources online. Members struggled to recognise whether steps were demonstrated right or wrong. This resource breaks down individual steps, making it easier to incorporate these steps into their class practice.

Technical exercises to use in dance class (Jazz and Contemporary). This resource is used to enhance teachers’ knowledge and understanding of applying set steps into a combination to develop young people’s technique. It demonstrates exercises that you may want to use in class. The exercises are basic enough for teachers to be able to follow if they are new to the subject. Exercises can be differentiated in class for more able learners to ensure the needs of all learners are met.

For more information or to enquire about SATPE membership please click this link.

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