Best Free Physical Education Courses Online

free physical education courses online

Calling all PGCE trainee teachers and teachers seeking free professional development opportunities! We have put together a list of free online courses provided by leading universities and organisations that cover all physical education topics, including pastoral management, SEN, leadership and research skills.

Why is PE so important?

Physical activity has been linked with improved brain function, better sleep, reduced stress levels and a stronger immune system; it also helps to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The Department for Education (DfE) recommends that all children aged 5-16 participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily; however, recent surveys have found that only around a third of children in England, and many countries, meet this target.

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for well-educated, motivated physical education teachers who can inspire the next generation to lead active, healthy lives and address physical inactivity. They can be especially effective if you are a PGCE student wanting to get a head start on your teacher training year, this will give you a perfect summer professional development project. A free online course could be perfect if you want to address children’s lack of physical fitness and teach PE. Or, if you want to help fellow teachers develop their knowledge or update your skills, these free online physical education courses could be ideal.

We also offer free PE-specific courses for PE Scholar members – check out our online bitesize courses here.

If you’re looking to deliver outstanding physical education lessons or simply want to learn more about the subject, then take a look at our list below:

Free CPD opportunities
 Course title
Pastoral /wellbeing
Teaching students who have suffered complex trauma
We all have mental health: an introduction for teachers
Child protection for teachers
Making sense of mental health problems
Keeping them safe
Young people and their mental health
ACEs: Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences & Early Trauma
Professional relationships with young people
Recognising and preventing FGM
Emotional intelligence at work
Understanding young minds
Introduction to child psychology
Get moving, get healthy
Bullying in schools
Understanding depression and low mood in young people
Introducing British Sign Language
Disability matters learning packages
Understanding dyslexia
Understanding Autism
 Ed Tech 
Education technology leadership in schools
Take your teaching online
Impact of technology
The online educator: people and pedagogy
Understanding technology in evidence-based teaching and learning
Introduction to speech, language and communication
English grammar in context
Understanding language: learning and teaching
Understanding language and learning
Involving the family in supporting pupils’ literacy
Language development for teachers
Literacy in science
Girls in STEM: closing the STEM gap
Teaching mathematics
Using visualisation in maths teaching
Muslims and Islam
Politics and society
Education research that matters
Cognitive science for teachers level 1
Cognitive science for teachers level 2
Metacognition for teachers
Dual coding for teachers
Rosenshine masterclass with Tom Sherrington
Teaching and learning 
Planning for learning: formative assessment
Inclusive education
Mentoring student teachers
Introduction to GDPR
Supporting successful learning in secondary school
Embedding employability skills in the curriculum
Transforming education in challenging environments
Teaching and learning tricky topics
Education for all: disability, diversity and inclusion
Assessment for teachers
Leading blended professional learning
Looking globally: the future of education
Climate Change teacher free courses
Leadership and context
Introduction to Cloud for leaders
Exploring educational leadership
Early career teachers
Becoming a reflective practitioner
Learning to teach: an introduction to classroom research
Learning to teach: making sense of learning to teach
Professional development for early career teachers

We hope this list is useful and if you know of any others please do comment below and add to the list.

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