New Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

New Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

Whilst there are a number of minor changes to the new Ofsted Inspection Framework the most significant change is how Ofsted determines the overall effectiveness schools. The overall effectiveness will now be determined by the following four key areas:

  • Quality of education (teaching, learning, assessment and outcomes)
  • Behaviour and attitudes (learning environment, behaviour and welfare)
  • Personal development (holistic and responsive curriculum)
  • Leadership and management (policies, processes, organisation and vision)

Each of these areas are considered to be the aspects that contribute towards an effective school. But the criteria above is not evenly weighted. The image below illustrates how a larger proportion is weighted in favour of the quality of education.

New Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

What does this mean for PE?

When this inspection framework comes into effect physical education will of course be scrutinised in relation to the quality of education. This will include the quality of teaching, learning, assessment and outcomes achieved within the subject area. This is no different than before, but under the new framework physical education may also receive more attention and therefore value in relation to providing the foundations for developing positive behaviours and attitudes and in fostering personal development.

This is encouraging in that it might actually provide the vehicle for the elevation of value and status of the wider benefits of core physical education. Rather than just an emphasis on examination PE and outcomes. Physical education has a real opportunity under this new inspection framework to showcase what it is able to achieve in not only providing high quality education within its own subject area but also how an effective physical education offering can actually underpin and support behaviour, attitudes and personal development. Watch this space!

For more information and to read / download the full Ofsted inspection framework document please visit the link below:

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

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