Pedalling to Success: Revolutionising GCSE PE Practical Performance with The Cycle Coach

British Cycling coach James Hey is on a mission that goes beyond traditional sports coaching by introducing the sport of cycling to secondary school pupils in UK schools. As the founder of The Cycle Coach, he is passionate about introducing all children to cycling and committed to providing a solution for GCSE PE pupils seeking a third sport for moderation. With a focus on unlocking their potential and instilling a profound love for cycling, James aims to offer a valuable addition to their physical education experience in schools across the UK.

Cycling Beyond Borders: An Extraordinary Journey

James’ influence extends far beyond the school gates. Appointed as the Head Coach of the Afghanistan Cycling Team, he encountered the unique challenge of nurturing a competitive cycling programme in a nation where the sport is still in its infancy. Despite recent restrictions imposed by the Taliban, James collaborated with a team of nine Afghan refugees, guiding them to the Asian Road Championships and the UCI World Championships in 2023. A particularly poignant chapter unfolded as a refugee woman became the first from her country to represent Afghanistan at the UCI World Championships. Team GB acknowledged James’ exceptional efforts, offering him an Olympic Scholarship to pursue a Certificate in Advanced Studies for Cycle Coaching at the UCI Headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland.

Revolutionising GCSE PE Practical Performance

Within the dynamic landscape of education, where innovation is paramount, The Cycle Coach, acknowledges the challenges schools encounter in offering diverse sporting options for Year 10/11 students studying GCSE PE. In response, The Cycle Coach has introduced a simple yet powerful cycling programme to UK Secondary Schools. This programme is meticulously designed to enhance GCSE PE practical performance, aligning seamlessly with AQA, OCR, and EdExcel specifications.

Tailored Programmes for Year 10/11 Pupils

The Cycle Coach unveils two specially crafted programmes catering to Year 10/11 GCSE PE students. These initiatives transcend mere cycling, focusing on promoting physical activity, skill development, and a profound sense of accomplishment. With time-efficient sessions tailored for individuals with basic cycling skills, these programmes offer a unique and engaging approach to practical performance.

What Sets Us Apart?

Distinguished by several key factors, The Cycle Coach emphasises its commitment to both participation and excellence. Comprising qualified British Cycling coaches with a strong passion for both cycling and safety, the team undergoes thorough checks, including DBS and First Aid training, to uphold a safe learning environment. The Cycle Coach provides all necessary equipment, including bikes and helmets. Beyond physical aspects, comprehensive skill coaching sessions elevate students’ overall proficiency and confidence on the bike.

Streamlining Practical Performance: A Simple Approach to Capture Success

Understanding the importance of gathering evidence for GCSE PE practical performance, coaches focus on core fundamentals. They extend comprehensive coaching to instil the crucial skills needed for Part 1 of the assessment. Subsequently, they employ audio/visual aids to capture the necessary evidence. In order to meet the criteria for Part 2 and fulfil the requirements of the competitive element, students engage in a competitive event alongside their peers. All collected evidence is then provided to the PE Leads and made accessible to students through links, simplifying the process of compiling video evidence for assessment.

Creating Opportunities and Pathways

The Cycle Coach transcends the mere act of riding; it’s about creating pathways and opportunities. James envisions a platform where every individual, from school children exploring cycling for the first time to seasoned riders, can find a progression tailored to their unique journey. The focus extends beyond the handlebars, weaving a tapestry of growth and achievement.

Dedicated to promoting inclusivity without regard to background, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status, James envisions cycling as a collective source of joy. The Cycle Coach remains resolute in delivering Road and Track Cycling experiences to GCSE PE pupils across the UK.

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The Cycle Coach warmly invites schools, School Sports Partnerships (SSP), and PE Leads to engage. Offering flexible options like video calls or school presentations, James’s goal is to provide in-depth insights, address enquiries, and offer a straightforward yet effective solution for GCSE PE pupils seeking a third sport.

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