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As we return to school and University life here in England, and that is the case for most of our great network around the globe, we hope you have enjoyed some proper R&R this summer!

With a little bit less uncertainty around what school and more specifically PE life will look like than we had this time last year, it has certainly been the first real break in 18 months for some. Inevitably there will be more curve balls to come but let’s take a moment to reflect on a great summer of sport. From the Euros to a return of Wimbledon; the delayed Tokyo Olympics with a Lions Tour of South Africa thrown in for good measure; the Paralympics now in full-swing and many more high-profile sporting events beside, we have certainly not been short of drama, inspiration or excuses to immerse ourselves in a world of sport. But, also, to recognise the power of sport to build a better world for all. We can also look forward to some flagship Winter sporting events in the spring with the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Winter X Games and Special Olympics World Winter Games. Beyond that the Commonwealth Games is coming to Birmingham at the end of July and a pretty hectic ‘normal’ calendar of events means there will be plenty more excitement and great role models to come.

Are you making the most of these great opportunities to connect your students, staff, parents, carers and local communities to the power of sport, physical activity, play and our role in ensuring PE stands for Positive Experiences for all?

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Our top role model picks

Inspiring students to a change in attitudes, mindsets and then behaviours is often best achieved via role models and here are a few stories worth sharing:

  • Lauren Price – brought up by her grandparents in Newport and was not put off her dreams aged eight of becoming a kickboxing world champion, playing football for Wales and going to the Olympics when her teacher doubted that reality – do you know the next Lauren Price?  
  • Charlotte Worthington – if at first you don’t succeed (and fall in your first attempt at a 360 backflip on a BMX) then just get up and go big again to go home with the gold 
  • Beth Shriever – crowd-funded her way to the Olympic gold in the BMX racing and trained whilst working part-time as a teaching assistant in Essex 
  • Tom Daley – finally picks up his gold four Olympics later (and in between his knitting) 
  • Sky Brown – 13 year old skateboarder and surfer showing her resilience a little over a year from a near fatal and skull fracturing fall 
  • Adam Peaty – the first British swimmer ever to retain an Olympic title and current holder of the top 20 fastest times in 100m breaststroke before announcing the need for a break to look after his mental health 
  • Laura and Jason Kenny – Britain’s most successful Olympic couple, ever 
  • Every Single Paralympian – perhaps start with Ellie Robinson, Maisie Summers-Newton and Tully Kearney in the pool, Sarah Storey on a bike, Jonnie Peacock, David Weir and Hannah Cockcroft on the track, the GB wheelchair rugby team, Ibrahim Hamato the Egyptian table tennis player with no arms and many more besides. 

Which were your favourite stories that you plan to re-tell to your students this term?

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