Teaching PE in an International School

This blog post captures the main takeaway messages and a place for you to access the recorded session with Phil Mathe on 10th January 2022. If you don’t already, please follow him on Twitter and feel free to connect for follow up discussion there or post a comment below.

Phil takes us on a voyage of discovery as he discusses the realities of relocating his family from an all boys grammar school in Kent to Nairobi in Kenya and then Cairo in Egypt before Abu Dhabi in the UAE where he has spent the last 4 years. He is due to move on again next academic year and clearly has the bug for teaching PE in an International School, but he picks his places carefully.

The five biggest take-aways I took from the conversation can be summarised in the following image:

Watch the session replay here to find out more:

Two websites that you will want to visit if you are interested in teaching overseas are:

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