Securing Success in GCSE PE 2022

Securing Success in GCSE PE 2022 1st March live zoom overview

On Monday 1st March Will Swaithes and Jackie Brookes hosted a breakfast session over Zoom to give some top tips and hints to help teachers prepare for success with their Summer 2022 GCSE PE entries. We were delighted that over 50 PEople found time out of their busy mornings to join us. The 121 who registered were sent the meeting recording later that day. However, we have received further requests to share what was said so here is a quick rundown and link to the recording.

Please note, whilst colleagues at AQA, Edexcel/ Pearson and OCR were aware we were hosting this session, it was not done on behalf of Awarding Organisations (exam boards) and our strongest recommendation is to access individual briefing documents and/ or webinar recordings for your specific qualification. These can be found via their websites following the hyperlinks provided.

Our intention was to use the session to:

  1. Connect the PE community because we know it can sometimes feel like a lonely place and is reassuring to talk through what you are doing, thinking and feeling with others in the same situation
  2. Provide clarity on what is expected of students this summer – we know the Awarding Organisations have done their own briefings and we took time to signpost to these but we also felt some independent insight could help alleviate worry
  3. Capitalise on available insight and materials

If you have not yet found them, James Simms from The EverLearner has written 3 helpful blogs that are also well worth a look here.

We also signposted to our own growing portfolio of teacher courses where you can find support for OCR via an Exam and an NEA course. AQA equivalents have been written by Jackie and will be available very soon.

Finally, we signposted to some other useful contacts in the form of expert practitioners and books that will really help the teaching of examination PE:

Securing Success in GCSE PE 2022 1st March live zoom hungry for more


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