Teaching Wellbeing Webinar

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Teaching Wellbeing Webinar

Teaching wellbeing – Will Swaithes (first aired on 16th December 2020)

Exploring the why, how and what should be covered in schools to support student wellbeing. This webinar includes:

  • defining wellbeing, exploring research and connectivity with happiness
  • role modelling behaviours – how to live and breathe the messages you are communicating with students
  • ideas for teaching with a focus on wellbeing, especially in PE

Download the presentation slides by clicking here.

One Comment on “Teaching Wellbeing Webinar”

  1. Thank you very much Will for a thought provoking session.
    Certainly got me thinking, reflecting and motivated to review the direction of Physical Education within my setting.

    Thank you
    Denis Birrane
    PE Co-ordinator
    East Morton CE Primary School

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