Top 10 PE Podcast Channels for Physical Education Teachers

Top 10 PE Podcasts for Physical Education Teachers

Headline Podcast: PE Insights

PE insights podcast

We highly recommend the PE Insights podcast which centres on conversations about Physical Education with Nathan Walker (@NWalkerPE). The podcast is for those dedicated to or interested in  physical education. For more information visit:

Below you’ll find our list of the top 10 PE podcasts for teachers to keep you inspired during the current school closures. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite episodes from each channel to get you started!

1. The PE Geek

  • Jarrod is a Physical Education teacher from Victoria, Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for the role that emerging technologies play within teaching and learning. He is first and foremost an advocate for lifelong movement and physical activity, but realises the power that 21st century technologies can have on shaping new age teaching pedagogies.
  • Check out The PE Geek Podcast – We recommend: Episode 112 – Online Learning Best Practice with Carl Condliffe

2. Humans Aren’t Robots

  • An Australian podcast getting to know the real people behind the digital! The podcast contains freeform conversations with marketing professionals and business owners making an impact in the world.
  • Check out Humans Aren’t Robots – We recommend: Empathy is key to leading a team through crisis with Jim Antonopoulos

3. Global PhysEd Voxcast

  • Conversations with educators from around the world with a focus on health and physical education.
  • Check out Global PhysEd Voxcast – We recommend: The dodgeball paradox

4. The PE Umbrella

  • Ryan Ellis is the founder and host of The PE Umbrella, a Primary Physical Education podcast and short blog that discusses all things PE. Their site covers interviewing inspiring practitioners from the primary education sector, sharing the latest in excellent practice and discussing what makes PE and Sport such an important tool to engage and enhance the learning of children (across the curriculum) so they are ready to leave school with a solid platform to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy lifelong physical activity!
  • Check out The PE Umbrella – We recommend: PE at home with Ryan Forwood.

5. Subject Support

  • Demonstration podcasts from a range of A-Level and GCSE PE Podcasts
  • Check out Subject Support – We recommend: A-Level PE (AQA) Podcasts – Reaction Time

6. SHAPE America

  • The SHAPE America Podcast, hosted by Matt Pomeroy, Collin Brooks, and Stephanie Sandino, provides monthly professional development wherever you take your mobile device or computer. Their one stop monthly professional development tool features interviews with SHAPE America Teachers of the Year and other physical education champions discussing relevant health and physical education topics. The goals of their podcast are to provide tips from leaders in the community, challenge current thinking, allow the discussion of important issues, and provide new ideas for teachers to try within their classes.
  • Check out SHAPE America Podcasts – We recommend: Episode 125: Live Panel Gamification Interview

7. Adapted Physical Education

8. The PhysEd Q & A Show

  • This podcast (from the team behind aims to answer common questions related to Physical Education.
  • Check out The PhysEd Q & A Show – We recommend: Episode 007 – How To Teach Gymnastics in Phys Ed Class

9. The PhysEd Show

  • Hosted by Joey Feith (founder of, The PhysEd Show provides high-quality, educational content to help inspire your teaching. The show exists across three mediums: a podcast, a vlog, and Facebook Live events.
  • Check out The PhysEd Show – We recommend: Walks & Talks in Physical Education

10. Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education

  • This podcast discusses research, theory and current issues in the fields of health and physical education in an easy to understand way. The aim is to make research accessible to educators and university students from all over the globe.
  • Check out Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education – We recommend: Episode 43 – Theory Breakdown Phenomenology


We’d love to hear what you think of this list, and whether you have any other PE podcasts for teachers to recommend (either channels or specific episodes)! If so, please add your suggestion by commenting below.

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