Dancing for Doughnuts with Eve Murphy

Dancing for Doughnuts

Dance has the potential to develop a wide range of physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills in our children. However, it can often be unintentionally side-lined by teachers because it’s daunting, and the time spent on it in ITT is often minimal at best, non -existent at worst.

In an increasingly demanding profession, in which teachers can find little to no time for everything on their to do lists, it’s understandable that something that the majority find anxiety inducing easily slips to the bottom of the pile.

In our recent PE Scholar webinar (recording available below), we explored ways to make curriculum dance more manageable. The key is to think pedagogy not performance.

Watch the video below for insight into how to change your perceptions of dance and a range of hints, tips and ideas to help increase your confidence around curriculum delivery.


If you are looking for a written overview of the Dance to School approach, more details can be found in a previous PE Scholar blog here.

If your school is looking for online dance CPD, resources, or further in school support then please check out Dance to School here.

Finally, here’s the link to the google form that is referred to in the recording. Please complete it in exchange for free lesson plans and access to the app once it is developed.

Thanks again to Eve Murphy for giving up her valuable time on 7th February 2022 to spend an hour with us.

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