Global Perspectives of PE policy and practice

Global Perspectives on PE

In 2021 we took the opportunity to connect with and listen to the perspectives of a range of educators, teacher educators and researchers around the policy and practice of physical education in a selection of countries from around the globe.

Access each blog via the hyperlinks below:

This quest to find out more about what PE looks like in different countries and different context in the hope that it can help inform ‘world leading physical education’ in your context was kickstarted by some rich conversations I had during the Spring of 2020 (A.K.A coronavirus lockdown 1). If you would like to watch these original interviews that I conducted and shared via the Youth Sport Trust then head to this vimeo playlist page. I recommend watching video 010 – Global PE Perspectives Interview Highlights first as that is a highlight reel with snippets from the 9 interviews.

Here is a little summary of the PEople and places that feature in those interviews.

We would love to add to this database of perspectives, please do get in touch if you would like to add to the collection.

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