I Can Lead – leadership programme for the new term

Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK have launched ‘I Can Lead’ – a new curriculum-linked leadership award for 14-19 year olds. I have been given the opportunity to review the new award, which brings an exciting new option for teachers to integrate as part of their curriculum. ‘I Can Lead’ takes a new approach to leadership learning and has been designed to integrate as part of a lesson plan, or as an after-school activity.

First impressions – bright, easy to use and provides evidence to support examination requirements

The resource is bright, easy to use and has been aesthetically designed for students. It certainly brings a more professional feel when comparing it to the leadership log books and evidence sheets many students use today. The worksheets give both the tutor and student the opportunity to record activities to support examination requirements and to aid a student’s personal achievement record. Another drawcard is the resource comes with worksheets and activity cards that can be given to students electronically – great for teachers who are trying to save on paper costs.

Suitable for people with limited training and experience, and brings all leadership activities together in one simple approach

Many of the games and activities are common practice to those who deliver leadership style courses to students 14 years and older. ‘I Can Lead’ has brought them all together in one format, making it easy for people with limited training and experience; I anticipate delivery will be through Local Authority staff, PE teachers and specialists, teaching assistants, volunteers and in after-school clubs.

A new option for in-class leadership programmes and gives students a recognised award for their CV

A number of schools now deliver their own leadership programmes within curriculum time. The good thing about ‘I Can Lead’ is it provides an alternative, which not only develops a student’s leadership skills and abilities, but also gives them a recognised award that can be added to their CV.

Integrating ‘I Can Lead’ into your lesson plan or as an after-school activity

The majority of schools would offer this to Year 8 or 9 pupils across a half-term, or as part of their PE curriculum long-term plan. It could also be integrated into examination programmes for Year 10 to 13. Schools would need to fit in the 12-15 hours required, as well as meet the course fee of £18 per student.

‘I Can Lead’ is also suitable for community based courses, working in an extracurricular capacity for 2-3 hours per week. From my perspective I can see it being delivered through our leadership academy, potentially over two terms.

Overall, ‘I Can Lead’ offers an exciting new option for teachers and people who are looking to develop students’ leadership skills. ‘I Can Lead’ is available now and you can find out more by visiting https://www.sportsleaders.org/accredited-awards/i-can-lead.

This post was contributed by Caroline Smith, an experienced sports development professional having worked within the sector for nearly 20 years. Her roles have included working in local authority Sports Development, National Governing Bodies of Sport and currently as the School Games Organiser for East Staffordshire. Caroline is an experienced tutor for Sports Coach UK and the Rugby Football Union.

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