YST TOP Transition

Back in 2016 when I was working full time with Youth Sport Trust, I collaborated with two amazing colleagues (Tracey Healey and Julie Gompetz) along with a group of pilot schools to produce a series of ‘core tasks’ suitable for use in Physical Education to help assess the holistic skills of learners as they make that transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

As schools start to make plans for their transition events this summer I thought this would be a great moment to flag where you can download these from for FREE. It is also in plenty of time for any curriculum review you do over the coming months to ensure the first few weeks of PE for Year 7s in September are as inclusive, meaningful and enjoyable as possible for all children and not just those who have developed physical talent early in the invasion games that so many of our schools are dominated by.

You can access the full 32 page pdf to download HERE and will find:

  • 15 different core learning tasks/ challenge cards that cover key areas of our curriculum to include gymnastics, dance, OAA, swimming, athletics and games
  • each card explicitly assesses two different strands of PE: Physical ME, Healthy ME, Social ME and Thinking ME
  • Reference to the all important STEP principle to help differentiate tasks to ensure students can find their individual ‘struggle zone’ (I often remind them they come to PE to practice not to perform)
  • Extension tasks, considerations for health & safety, key questions to ask students to help reflect on what they are learning and much much more.

I highly encourage you to invest time in downloading this resource and finding ways to make use of it in your practice. It connects really nicely to YSTs My Personal Best resources but also to our Concept Curriculum in terms of focusing on much more than just the physical/ sports technique aspects of learning in our subject.

Whilst you are at it, I also highly recommend these resource packs (again free to download) when it comes to bringing more games based approaches to PE and focusing on the bigger picture than the traditional ‘basket of sports’ that is prevalent in so many schools but perhaps not meeting the needs of our most inactive learners.

I would consider all three of these resource packs to be ‘physical literacy informed’ and if you have been on any of our courses in the last 12 months or so you will have heard me talk more about them. Enjoy!

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