Non-Participant Peer Assessment

Published: 17th April 2019

This resource card can be used for non-participant peer assessment. The card is designed to be generic so that it can be used in any lesson or any activity area. It is a great resource … Read More

Traditional Playground Games

Published: 10th April 2019

This resource provides a range of playground games that can be used during PE lessons or as lunch / break time activities. Games include: Oranges and lemons Please Mr Crocodile Farmers in his den It … Read More

Shot Put

Published: 3rd April 2019

This shot put resource card can be used as a reciprocal, peer or self assessment resource. It can also be used to engage non-participants in the lesson.

Headstand Reciprocal Resource Card

Published: 27th March 2019

This headstand reciprocal resource card can be used as part of a gymnastics lesson or after school club as a resource for self or peer assessment and/or coaching. It outlines the correct technique in stages … Read More

Swimming Stroke Analysis Resource

Published: 30th January 2019

This swimming stroke analysis resource outlines the teaching points for a number of swimming strokes using BLABT, early diving progressions and backstroke start.

Ultimate Frisbee General Information

Published: 9th January 2019

A collection of resources that cover a range of areas such as tactics, rules, specific skills and general gameplay. These resources are ideal for teachers wanting to understand how to deliver or coach ultimate frisbee … Read More

Trampolining Sequences and Routines

Published: 21st November 2018

The following trampolining sequences and routines documents can be used within lessons and extracurricular clubs, they vary in difficulty and length.

Front Crawl Resource Cards

Published: 22nd April 2018

The first resource card is is a front crawl arm action resource card. It outlines common faults and illustrates the correct arm cycle from entry to recovery. The second resource card is a pupil friendly … Read More

KS2 Swimming Resources

Published: 22nd April 2018

The first resource contains some flash cards to help pupils undersand and visualise teaching points. The second resource is a non-participant resource card.