Skills Challenge Cards – Home Learning – Cards 21-25

As part of our ‘Skills Challenge’ home learning cards series, this resource contains a set of cards designed to improve a variety of fundamental sports skills. They have been created for individual use with a focus on a personal best challenge that can also be completed with a friend or family member in a head to head challenge. These resources are suitable for ages 6-14 but are fun for any age!

The purpose of each challenge is to improve skills in a fun, enjoyable way. Each challenge has a specific component focus.

In this resource, we cover:

  • Endurance – Climb The Gherkin
  • Hand-eye coordination & Accuracy – In The Bucket
  • Cardiovascular Endurance – Fit in 5
  • Hand-eye coordination & Accuracy – Golf Roll
  • Strength – Press It Up

As always, we would very much welcome your feedback on this Skill Challenge series, so please feel free to leave your comments and feedback below.



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